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Starting out as a music, sports, and entertainment blog, Main Entrance Tickets continues to thrive in a highly competitive market. Since it's inception, Main Entrance Tickets has offered customers the ability to receive a 10% discount on any ticket listed on simply by entering a promo code in the checkout page. That practice continues to be the business model today for which Main Entrance Tickets depends upon to gain your trust and loyalty as your ticket provider source. Main Entrance Tickets now boasts a new, modern responsive SSL Certified website with the very latest technology for faster, reliable, and secure event ticket shopping. The responsive website means shopping for event tickets is extremely user friendly no matter what device you are shopping from, be it desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The website still uses GPS technology that users can select to show them upcoming events in their local area, Canada, the United Kingdom, and of course, the rest of the United States. Users can filter by location, category, or even by dates. Seating charts and maps have also been updated. Navigating through the menu, users can also choose to engage with Main Entrance Tickets' social sites FACEBOOK, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram.


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